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It's the Law!
Is that why most business owners choose to have their fire protection equipment properly maintained?  No.  A fire can hurt your employees and your business.  Insurance will only cover so much.  Downtime is costly and may result in lost customers.  Employees will leave unsafe work environments.  Planning for the right protection is invaluable, but only part of the job.  Your fire protection equipment must be maintained so it is ready to prevent any major disaster.  Southland Fire Protection can help!!

Facility fire protection survey and analysis
Not sure what protection you need. No problem! It's better to be safe and have a professional help. Our fully trained specialists will determine the facility's fire protection requirements and ensure the fire equipment is in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal codes.

On-site fire extinguisher inspection service
Local, state and federal fire protection ordinances require that businesses and other types of public organizations have regular inspections of their fire protection equipment. We will automatically dispatch a state licensed technician annually, semi-annually, monthly, or even weekly, depending on the equipment usage or the severity of the fire hazards within the facility.

24-hour emergency service
Companies no longer have to wait until normal business hours to have their fire equipment recharged after use.  When a fire occurs, Southland will gladly come to your place of business anytime to make sure your fire equipment is ready to go.

Fire extinguisher loaner service
If a fire extinguisher is due for maintenance that we cannot perform at your business, we will replace it with one of our spare extinguishers for the time being until yours is returned.  We also provide our spare fire extinguishers for temporary use.

Short-term fire extinguisher leasing and rental service
This service provides temporary protection of special hazards or areas.